Natural Remedies To Stop Hair Loss

Many men and women start to worry when their hair starts to fall and is not repaired.

Hair loss occurs due to various reasons, including: lack of minerals, fungi, medical treatments, stress and many others. Although the reasons are different problems, for most people is about the same.


They tested various of treatments trying to stop your problem, trying all possible solutions. If you are one of those whose hair began to fall, and you want to hide it, or if you want your hair to grow more abundantly, in this post we bring you a solution. Try these various home remedies that will make your hair as you always wanted.


Alcohol has great properties which help to expand the capillaries of the scalp and speeds up the process of circulation, thus it is easier to get nutritious stuff and reduce the greasy hair. We recommend regular use because there is 40% alcohol in vodka, which is sufficient to support growth of the hair without burning it.

If you use any other type of alcoholic drink, it is sure that does not exceed 40 % of alcohol. If you want to try this remedy, you should use vodka only in your hand and put it through your scalp mainly the night before washing your head. You can use this remedy twice a week, and then you should gradually reduce it.

Onion and garlic

To use this remedy, it is only necessary to chop one onion and a few cloves of garlic. Then put them in a cloth and squeeze juice from these two vegetables and then pour the juice in the shampoo that you use regularly. Let it stay for fifteen days, and use it as usual. In just a couple of weeks you will get great results. The onion and garlic are great dilators of the vessels and allow more oxygen and with that they feed the hair roots.

You must regularly use these home treatments, so that the results are permanent. The chances are that if you stop using these treatments, you will start to lose your hair after two months. Although many people used potato peels for the loss of hair, we recommend you not to use that treatment. Therefore we invite you to use these two remedies and we assure you that you will notice the results very soon and you will stop hair from falling and with that you will have more abundant hair.

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