Make Yourself Alkaline Water: Enhance Immunity, Clean The Toxins And Prevent Cancer

The acidity and alkalinity is determined on the basis of the pH factor. Acidic environment is the one having a pH value below 7, while the pH above 7 is the alkaline environment.

Because our body is based on water, it is logical that the pH has a great influence on our body and health.

alkaline water

That is why it is very important to take care of the pH balance. Unfortunately, nowadays brings us bad food, processed foods, among which are the most dangerous salt, sugar, white flour, caffeine, alcohol. These foods create acidic environment in our body, affect adversely on the health and reduce the resistance of our immune system.

That is why people should take care of the goods they consume and they should also drink alkaline water which can contribute to general improvement of the body.

The pH value of alkaline water is between 8 and 9 and it is considered to have very positive effect on health.


-2 liters of bottled water

-1 lemon (preferably organic)

-1 tsp Himalayan salt

Simply take a clean glass jar and fill it with water. Add the lemon that you have previously chopped, do not squeeze it. If you do not use organic lemon, remove the peel. Then add the salt, close the jar and let it stand for about 12 hours at room temperature. Drink three glasses of alkaline water in the morning on an empty stomach, and your body will be very grateful on such day start.

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