I Am 74 Years Old And Could Not Even Walk! Then I Started To Prepare This And My Joints And Bones Are 20 Years Younger

One person at age 74 couldn’t walk, and then start to use something in natural base, then amazing results: walking, running no problem. Pain in bones is connected to middle age or elderly people.  But when young people feel this pain there is reason to make attention. There is natural remedy fighting this pain with following recipe:


  • 300 ml alcohol (70%),
  • 100 ml iodine,
  • 10 pills of aspirine of 300 mg (you can find all components and buy in local pharmacy).



  • mix all together ( alcohol and  iodine),
  • crush tablets adding them in the mixture,
  • let it to rest 21 days in a cold and dark place,
  • Use it like a compress of to massage the areas where you feel pain.

Source: www.justnaturallife.com

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