Here’s Why You Have Bad Breath. Remove This And Solve The Problem (VIDEO)

Bad breath is a big problem, especially if you are a person that is all the time with other people. And many of the people having this problem can’t find the right solution of it. They have tried many different options such as air fresheners, toothpastes and many other things but they manage somehow to still have the problem.


Now this article will show what is causing that problem, and how to solve it.

The reason for having bad breath that is not going away is stones in tonsils. They are making the bad breath because they are releasing a gas that has bad smell. They can be seen on the tonsils as little dots. They are actually a lump of mucus, bacteria and stored food that has been collection for some time in the back of the throat. When this happens, besides having bad breath, maybe you will have difficulties with swallowing the food.

Sometimes they can ‘’fall off’’ all by themselves but in some cases surgical procedure needs to be done. Also there is a third way of eliminating them and for that way you will not need any surgical procedure but you can do it yourself.

Although it can be a little bit ‘’nasty’’, watch the video below and see the third way


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