Four Easy Massage Techniques For Headaches And Migraines

Whether massaged yourself or someone else, the most important thing is that the massage makes you better, focusing on the place where the pain comes from. Depending on the place of the pain, you should pick up one of the following massages, which should lead you to a reduction or total elimination of the headaches.

Neck massage

If there is a pain in the neck, it is usually because of the wrong movement in the head.

massage techniques for migraines

In which the blood vessels narrow down. You can do this massage by yourself, but it is better if you find someone to help you. To achieve the desired result, you must push harder from the bottom of the neck to the entire length and especially where the skull begins. After that, massage the neck with circular movements.

Massage of the temples

Although the headache is the most common disturb of the sleep, by massaging the temples you can relax them. This mainly concerns the types of headaches that are connected to sensitivity to light.

However, the massage in this area should be a little softer and slower, as in the previous case. Make circular movements in the direction of clockwise. (If you look on the right side of the face, as an observer).

Massage around the nose and eyes

This massage technique is suitable for headaches that arise from sinus problems.

Apply pressure points at the following locations:

-on the lower part of the nose

– on the root of the nose and between the eyes

-above the centre of the eyebrows

– the outside of the eye brow

After you apply these techniques, the results will come very quickly. The places around the eyes and nose, however, are very sensitive, therefore the pressure of the massage should be subtle.

Massage of the forehead

The latest technique is designed for headaches that have occurred in the area around the eyes and forehead. First, make a move with the finger above the eyebrows, with both eyes. The number of moves depends on the number of radial movements of the eye brow at the upper part of the body.

Demonstration of the massages:

This short video clearly shows all the massage techniques:

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